Project Description

What is the molecular sieve USY?

usy zeolite

usy zeolite

The USY is also known as the ultra-stable molecular sieve.Both of them are modified by a NaY molecular sieve.NaY molecular sieve with ammonium chloride exchange into ammonia Y first, and then in 600 degrees temperature of kiln roasting, the atmosphere of the negative pressure, there is water vapor, its process happened to take off the aluminium, deamination, silicon migration process, and so on, the skeleton rearrangement, happened because of aluminum, silica alumina ratio increase obviously, so is about 2 times, the stability of the skeleton and acid have changed, skeleton stability improved obviously, so called super molecular sieve.



How to use USY?

(1). Water treatment — hard water softener can replace the current widely used sulfonated coal in China, thus reducing costs;

(2). Metallurgical industry — separation agent, separation and extraction of potassium, rubidium and cesium in brine.Industrial processes for enrichment, separation and extraction of metals;

(3). Petrochemical industry — catalyst, desiccant, adsorbent;

(4). Agriculture — soil improvement agent;

(5). Medicine – carrying a silver zeolite antimicrobial agent.