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What is beta zeolite ? Where can i buy beta zeolite?

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 HB-28 HB-38 HSI-ALL
SiO2/Al2O3, (molar ratio) 28±5 38±5
SA (BET, m2/g, Fresh ) >550 >550 >450
Crystal Size, nm 100-500 100-500 100-500
Pore Volume (ml/g) >0.24 >0.24 >0.24
Crystallinity (%) ≥90 ≥90 ≥90
Na2O (wt%) <0.05 <0.05 <0.05
LOI  at 1000 ℃ 1 h (wt%) <8 <8 <8
Beta Zeolite
1,Property of the β zeolite
Zeolite-Beta was the product developed by the Mobil Company in 1960’s. It’s structure possesses three-dimensional 12-membered ring pores with an interconnected channel system, β zeolite is the only zeolite which has such structure.
2,Property of physical chemistry
Zeolite-Beta possesses a high-silica, large-pore, and relative high thermal stability. It possesses only channels no cages, so all of it’s cations can be exchanged. Zeolite-Beta’s adsorbance for cyclohexane is larger, over 14%, and also, it adsorbs about equal cyclo hexane, n-hexane and water.
According to literature, Zeolite-Beta is a better catalyst in hydrodewaxing and pour lowering of petroleum oil. By reports, in reactions such as isomerization and hydrocracking of the long-chain alkanesm pt/H β is the both effects catalyst also it possesses high activity in the process of isomerization and elementary cracking. Another, Zeolite-Beta is superior stable and selective in the disproportionation and tansalkylation. Because it is necessary to improve octane number of petrol in cracking of petroleum oil, lowering pour point of diesel oil. Because of it’s acidity and moderate pore volume, isomerization may occur by using zeolite-β, also it promotes carbonium to transfer, then produces branched chains or cyclization, so octane number may increased greatly. With three-dimension 12-membered ring pores which communicate with each other, also a high silica, and moderate acidity, therefore, it is better compared to USY both cracking short alkanes and reforming cycloalkanes inside the channels. Combining Beta with USY can increase the octane number of petrol.
In the fine chemical engineering, β possesses superior activity and selectivity in dehydration and deamination.
In addition, it shows very special property in the process of phenol para-selectivity and activity.
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