Project Description

sapo-34 zeolite

Chemical formula: [Ca2+6 (H2O)40] [Al12Si24 O72]-CHA

Channels: SAPO-34 is a zeolite with a chabazite class structure. Si-Al-phosphate is its skeleton’s primarycomponent. This zeolite contains six-membered ring and eight-membered ring pairs as well as afour-membered elliptical cross-CHA cage and a three-dimensional pore structured ring.

Shape White powder
SiO2/Al2O3 mol/mol 0.5
Crystallinity % ≥95%
Crystal Size um 1-2um
Surface Area m2/g ≥570
Pore Size nm 0.4
Pore Volume ml/g ≥0.28
Density g/cm3 0.25-0.4
LOI. m/m ≤5