High Surface Area White Pseudo Boehmite For Hydrogenation Catalyst Carrier


Professional pseudoboehmite catalyst carrier supplier

Pseudo Boehmite Can be used for semi-synthetic rare earth Y zeolite cracking catalyst binder, the binder aluminosilicate refractory fibers, ethylene alcohol dehydration catalyst and also ethylene oxide catalyst, etc., but also for the production of a catalyst carrier, activated alumina, and other aluminum salt material.


It is widely used in between 400 ~ 700 ℃ calcined product γ-Al2O3 catalyst supports, catalysts and adsorbents; in 1100 ~ 1200 ℃ calcined between available nanoscale α-Al2O3, widely used as a paint additive, high-grade ceramic, efficient catalysts petrochemical, submicron / nanoscale materials and abrasive polishing materials, cosmetics and inorganic filler film material, is a new class of materials has broad prospects for development.

In addition aluminum phosphate or synthetic zeolite molecular sieves and MnAPO preferred source of aluminum. For the synthesis of aluminum phosphate molecular sieves and sieve MnAPO series, the best in a phosphorus source and an aluminum source is accompanied by oxygen source added. While not connected to the aluminum atoms in the aluminum salt is generally an oxygen atom, if it used an aluminum source, it is difficult to get enough oxygen or source of aluminum so do not under normal circumstances. Taking into account the requirements of the reaction mixture is uniformly dispersed, the aluminum source is added preferably dissolved in an acid or weakly acidic solution of moderate intensity, whereas alumina or aluminum hydroxide are only soluble in acid or alkaline solutions, is not conducive to the reaction mixture dispersed, do not suitable sources of aluminum. The quasi boehmite meet the oxygen source and the reaction mixture is uniformly dispersed requirement is the preferred source of aluminum experiment.


Project Index
Crystalline phase χ-ρ Al2O3
Particle size mm φ3–5 φ4–6 φ5–7
Appearance White spherical
Bulk density g/cm3 0.68–0.75 0.65–0.72 0.62–0.68
Strength N / tablets ≥ 120 ≥130 ≥150
Surface area m2/g 300–360
Pore ​​volume cm3/g 0.38–0.42
Water absorption % ≥50
Static adsorption capacity 17±1


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