Project Description

Residual oil Catalytic Cracking Catalyst


1. Product introduction:

Residual oil cracking catalyst is a newly developed residual oil catalytic cracking catalyst by our company in recent years. This agent adopts unique carrier preparation technology and molecular sieve modification technology, and its activity and stability are significantly improved. The research results show that LSA residual oil cracking catalyst is relatively Compared with commercially available catalysts, it has higher activity and better activity stability, and can meet the requirements of catalytic cracking units with high slag mixing ratio and heavy raw materials.

Item Index Method
Appearance Khaki or off-white microspheres
灼减,m% ≤15 Q/SH349902
Al2O3m% ≥35 Q/SH349905
Na2Om% ≤0.3 Q/SH349906
Wear indexm%/h ≤2.5 Q/SH349910
Apparent densityg/ml 0.60-0.80 Q/SH349908
Surface aream2/g ≥220 GB/T5816
Pore volumeml/g ≥0.15 RIPP151-90
0-40μmv% ≤22 Q/SH349911
0-149μmv% ≥90
Micro-reactive(800℃/4h)m% ≥72 Q/SH349912

2. Product Features:

1. Compared with conventional catalytic cracking catalysts, LSA catalysts have higher activity and activity stability.

2. In terms of reaction performance, LSA catalyst has stronger heavy oil conversion ability and better coke selectivity than conventional catalytic cracking catalyst.