Project Description

LS-ST sulfur transfer agent

One product characteristics
Sulfur transfer agent is a solid micro-spherical catalyst additive similar in physical and chemical properties to conventional FCC catalysts. It is usually used in FCC plants to selectively oxidize/adsorb SO2 in regenerated flue gas to form stable sulfate. After reduction/hydrolysis of the reducing gas in the riser reactor, H2S is produced and transferred to the FCC gas product, which is finally recovered by the sulfur recovery unit to prevent sulfur from being vented to the atmosphere.


Item Index
Surface area m2/g ≥50
Pore volume cm3/g ≥0.2
Bulk Density g/cm3 0.65-0.95
Wear index  %/h ≤6.5
Volume fraction %
0-40um ≤25
0-149um ≥95

Three product uses and conditions of use
The sulfur transfer agent is used in the refinery catalytic cracking unit to reduce the SOX content in the flue gas and meet the national emission standards.