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Y molecular sieve

Nay molecular sieve

y zeolite

y zeolite

Y zeolite specification

Products SiO2/Al2O3Mole Ratio Nominal Cation Form Na2O Weight % Surface Area, m2/g
101 5.1 Sodium 13.0 700
102 5.1 Ammonium 2.8 700
103 5.1 Hydrogen 2.8 700
104 5.2 Ammonium 0.2 700
105 5.2 Hydrogen 0.2 700
106 12 Ammonium 0.05 700
107 30 Hydrogen 0.03 700
108 60 Hydrogen 0.03 700
109 80 Hydrogen 0.03 700
110 85 Hydrogen 0.03 700

Introduction: NaY molecular sieve sieve means sodium molecular sieve with faujasite (Y-type) crystal structure,and it is a kind of aluminosilicate of alkali metal. It can absorb molecular with critical diameter no more than 10A. It has been widely used in adsorption separation, catalysis, ion exchange and many other areas due to its unique three-dimensional pore structure.

Application: Mainly applied to the preparation of FCC catalyst as the source of active component,dehydraton,the desulfurization of hydrogen and purification of industrial gas.


USY molecular sieve

Introduction: USY molecular sieve is a kind of Y type molecular sieve which is one kind of product from NaY after a series of treating process (such as ammonium salt exchanging, hydro thermal stabilization, chemical isomorphous substitution etc.).

The unit cell, density of acid site, acid strength and rate earth content of molecular sieve can be adjusted to meet requirements of different catalyst.

Application: Mainly used as the active component of FCC catalyst and the carrier component of hydro cracking catalyst, especially for the key active component of heavy distillate oil for hydro cracking catalyst.

HY Molecular sieve

Introduction: HY molecular sieve is a kind of aluminosilicate which sodium ions in skeleton of Y-type molecular sieve were displaced by hydrogen ions.

Application: Mainly used as the active component of FCC catalyst and the carrier component hydro cracking catalyst.