Zsm-5 / Y Zeolite / Zeolite Beta Composition Molecular Sieve  email y@yzeolite.com

SiO2/Al2O3 Mole Ratio: 25-300

Nominal Cation Form: Sodium/Hydrogen

Color: white

SO4 %: 0.4

Cl %: 0.2

D50: 7um

D90: 09um

Na2O Weight %: 0.1

Surface Area, m2/g: 540

Zeolite beta

h-beta zeolite professional supplier

A high grade & popular sales H beta zeolite suppliers

Beta Zeolite / Zeolite Beta / Beta Molecular Sieve

β molecular sieves have three mutually intersecting 12-ring channels, it is only 12 yuan a three-dimensional pore structure of zeolite ring.
β zeolite having high hydrocracking, hydroisomerization catalytic activity and adsorption capacity of linear paraffins, and good resistance to sulfur and nitrogen poisoning. It can be used in the petrochemical industry of benzene with propylene olefin system cumene, cumene metathesis diisopropylbenzene, toluene Isopropylation, aromatics alkylation, transalkylation diisopropylbenzene, propylene ether, methanol aryl structured, propylene oxide and acetic ether of phenol methylation, methylation of aniline, toluene transalkylation preparation of cumene and toluene disproportionation and transalkylation reaction with a catalyst such. β-type USY zeolite used in conjunction with the increase of the octane number of gasoline. In the fine chemical industry, β zeolite has excellent activity and selectivity in the dehydration deamination.

SiO2/Al2O3 Mole Ratio: 25-300

Product SiO2/Al2O3Mole Ratio Nominal Cation Form Na2O Weight % Surface Area, m2/g
B01* 25 Sodium/Hydrogen 0.1 540
B02* 38 Sodium/Hydrogen 0.1 540
BC-300 300 Sodium/Hydrogen 0.1 540

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