Project Description

LSHAA Catalytic Cracking Solid Strengthening Auxiliary

1.1 Product introduction:

LSHAA catalytic cracking solid strengthening auxiliary is a new catalytic cracking auxiliary mainly used in catalytic cracking reaction to improve the conversion depth of crude oil and inferior crude oil, reduce diesel oil and oil slurry yield, improve gasoline yield and LPG high value-added products.

1.2 Technical indicators parameters:

Table 1 Quality indicators

Item Index Result
Appearance Khaki or off-white microspheres
burn down, m% ≤ 13 9
Al2O3, m% ≥ 40 45
wear index, m%/h ≤ 3.5 2
Apparent density, g/ml 0.60-0.80 0.68
surface area, m²/g ≥ 250 280
* surface area retention, % ≥ 50 55
Pore volume, ml/g ≥ 0.20 0.22
Activity stability (800℃/17 hours aging) ≥70 75
0-40unl, v% ≤ 20 19
The average particle size, um 60-80 76

* Refers to the ratio of the specific surface area of the additive after aging at 800°C and 100% water vapor for 17 hours to the specific surface area of the fresh additive.

1.3 Evaluation of small fixed fluidized bed:

Table 2 Evaluation results of fixed fluidized bed

Samples 100%Balancer Balancer+15%LSHAA
dry gas 1.82 1.9
liquefied gas 9.5 10.5
gasoline 39 41.09
diesel fuel 21.12 21.01
heavy oil 22.66 19.05
coke 5.9 6.45
Conversion rate 56.21 59.94
light oil 60.12 62.1
Gasoline + LPG 48.5 51.59
light oil + liquefied gas 69.62 72.6
Coke selectivity 0.105 0.108

Note: The reaction temperature is 500°C, and the ratio of solvent to oil is 6.0.

1.4 Comparison of LSHAA additives and conventional cracking catalysts:

Table 3 Comparison of micro-reactive activity

800℃, 100% steam aging for 4h 800℃, 100% steam aging for 17h
LSHAA 86 75
conventional catalyst 82 65

Industrial application of LSHAA catalytic cracking solid strengthening additives:

The LSHAA catalytic cracking solid enhanced refining aid has been successfully tested in the catalytic unit of Sinopec Changling Branch, and now it has been put into use in the 1# catalytic unit of Changling Refinery and Jinan Refinery. The industrial application shows that the refining catalyst is added as HAA catalytic cracking solid strengthening aid, which accounts for 15% of the storage capacity of the unit system, and can effectively reduce diesel oil and oil slurry under the condition of keeping the total liquid yield and octane number unchanged. Gasoline yield increased by more than 2 units.