Project Description

Special Catalyst For MIP-CGP Process FCC catalyst

Applicable Scope

Specially formulated catalyst for MIP-CGP process.


CGP series catalyst is developed for MIP-CGP Process, which has high propylene and gasoline yields, excellent gasoline properties, good hydrothermal stability, high bottom conversion ability, and good coke selectivity.

Design Philosophy

CGP series catalyst was developed to meet the requirements of MIP-CGP process, to get higher hydrogen transfer activity and gasoline olefins cracking activity. catalyst CGP is characterized in: firstly, coke is Shifted to the matrix by the CS technology, thus hydrogen transfer activity in the second reaction zone enhanced; secondly, the gasoline olefins can be selectively cracked by RIPP proprietary shape selective zeolite, making gasoline olefins reduced and propylene yield increased.


Table 1 Main Specifications of CGP Catalyst

Surface Area, m2/g 280
Pore Volume, ml/g 0.37
Apparent Bulk Density, g/ml 0.72
Attrition Index (RIPP), %h-1 1.3
Alumina Content, m% 49.0
Average Particle Size, μm 69.0

Commercial Reference

Table 2  Industrial Application Results of CGP Catalyst

Catalyst Reference CGP-1
Operation conditions
Throughput, t/d 2972 2404
Resid blending ratio, % 48.56 28.85
Reaction temp., ℃ 509 508/492
Regeneration temp.℃ 710 698
Feed Properties
Density(20℃), g/cm3 0.8951 0.9097
CCR, m% 3.86 4.59
Saturates, m% 60.61 57.26
Aromatics, m% 22.22 30.02
Resin + Asphaltenes, m% 17.17 12.72
Heavy metal content on E-cat, μg/g
Fe 3098 2307
Ni 9588 3535
V 3325 1501
Na 2382 1375
Sb 1976 2367
Products distribution, wt%
Dry gas 3.72 3.45
Liquid yield 19.11 27.37
Gasoline 40.66 38.19
Light cycle oil 21.89 16.30
Slurry 5.22 5.12
Coke 8.90 9.09
Loss 0.50 0.48
Conversion, wt% 72.89 78.58
Propylene, wt% 6.29 8.96
Total liquid yield, wt% 81.66 81.86
Gasoline quality
RON 91.6 93.5
Olefin content, m% 41.1 15.0
Aromatics content, m% 15.0 25.1
Inductive period, min 700 >1000

Commercial Application

SINOPEC refineries such as Zhenhai Refining&Petrochemical, Cangzhou Petrochemical, Jiujiang Petrochemical, Yanshan Petrochemical, Shijiazhuang Petrochemical, Qingdao Refining&Petrochemical, Jinling Petrochemical, Hainan Refining&Petrochemical, Xi’an Petrochemical, Zhanjiang Petrochemical, Yangzi Petrochemical, Guangzhou Petrochemical and Maoming Petrochemical. Also in CNPC Sichuan Petrochemical, CNPC Jinxi Petrochemical and CNOOC Huizhou Petrochemical, etc.